SC2ReplayStats – A Preview

Hi guys, So I’ve decided to join the SC2ReplayStats Ladder challenge! Basically this is meant to give you that extra bit of motivation to get back on the Starcraft 2 Ladder! The more you play, the higher level you get. Here’s a breakdown of the current levels available : Level 1 : 5+ Games Per Week Played Level 2 : 10+ Games Per Week Played Level 3 : 15+ Games Per Week Played Level...
Posted by WRHeronkill | 16 Apr 2014 | News, Starcraft News | 1 Comment

Terran-up the ladder!

After watching IEM Cologne, I got a bit of an urge to play some Starcraft 2 ! Climbing up the 1v1 ladder! Really proud of the last game I played, which ended up being a mech TvT which I NEVER play! But still a really entertaining game!! Posting some entertaining replays of the games :
Posted by WRHeronkill | 17 Feb 2014 | News, Replays | 1 Comment

WR Clan – Official Logo

I figure it’s been about 15 years coming but at long last, we have an official logo! I’m super excited to finally have it done! Huge thanks to  and the designers on there who were great to deal with and I think the logo came out great! The timing for this was great as we can now show it off inside of Starcraft 2 with the recent 2.1 patch. Here’s what it currently looks...
Posted by WRHeronkill | 26 Jan 2014 | News, Starcraft News | No Comments

Classic Replay !!!!

Found this old gem while deleting a bunch of replays, enjoy !    
Posted by WRJonnybop | 20 Mar 2013 | In-Clan 1v1, News, Replays | No Comments

Ottawa Barcraft — Finals!

Heronkill and Jonnybop made it all the way to the 2v2 finals of Ottawa Barcraft! On a personal note, this was my very first barcraft event ever.I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! What a thrill it was to participate in this final! We will definitely attempt to participate in future tournaments hosted by Ottawa Barcraft! The organizers were all great! Very well organized event overall. The matches were casted by Alex Lyon ( ) and Michael Szasz. Both did...
Posted by WRHeronkill | 25 Feb 2013 | News, Starcraft News | 1 Comment

Into The Semi-Finals!

WRJonnybop and WRHeronkill advanced to the semi finals in the 2v2 tournaments hosted by Ottawa Barcraft by defeating their opponents 2-0. Here are the replays for you enjoyment!
Posted by WRHeronkill | 29 Jan 2013 | Starcraft News | 2 Comments

Ottawa Barcraft – First Series

We’re happy to announce that WRHeronkill and WRJonnybop won their first series in their quest to win the 2v2 Ottawa Barcraft Tournament! Included in this post are the replays of the game. We won by a record of 2-0. A big GG to our opponents. We wish you luck in your 1v1 Tournament! Our next opponents will be mojojo & Acidrain
Posted by WRHeronkill | 21 Jan 2013 | News, Starcraft News | No Comments

Ottawa Barcraft Tournament

WRHeronkill and WRJonnybop will participate in a 2v2 tournament in the next few weeks! This tournament is hosted by Ottawa Barcraft! (Find them on facebook or twitter) More information on the tournament (and also 1v1 brackets) can be found here  We will be posting our results to the website, as well as game replays for those that are interested! Our first opponents will be Howwitzer and MegaTrent! GL HF!    
Posted by WRHeronkill | 16 Jan 2013 | Starcraft News | No Comments

Clan Feature — Officially Introduced

After much waiting (**cough** since WoL Beta), clan features will finally be introduced with the launch of HoTS. You can find all the details to the new feature on’s website. We will definitely be creating our own clan tag in-game! Looking forward to it!
Posted by WRHeronkill | 30 Oct 2012 | News, Starcraft News | No Comments
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